Beginning Clawhammer Banjo

Instructor: Carla Gover

Location: To be determined

Price: $144 (this price includes 4 hours of classes each day, lunch each day, and more singing and jamming opportunities)

Age: 10 & up (Youth age 10 to 18 MUST bring an Authorization to Transport Form and an Emergency Medical Consent Form, completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian, found at this Attendees Resources link)

Difficulty: Beginner - no previous experience playing a stringed instrument is required (See notes below)

Class size: 12 maximum

Take home:

Students will learn:

  • The clawhammer strum, which can be used to accompany singing or play with other instruments.

  • How to tune the banjo, play a handful of important chords and use those chords in familiar songs

  • The process for picking out simple melodies in the clawhammer style

  • How to use a capo and play in the common keys associated with old time music

  • Techniques to help make practice at home most effective

Notes: Please bring a five-string banjo that is in good, playable condition and a banjo capo. All Singing Bird Music School classes will focus on learning music “by ear” (the listen and repeat method).  It is not necessary for students to know how to read music before they attend the school. Instructors may provide some chord charts, song lyrics, etc. but the reading of formal musical notation will not be taught.

Prerequisites: This class is open to beginners. No previous experience with a stringed instrument is required. Musicians who have some experience playing clawhammer banjo and want to review the basics are also welcome to participate.

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