Intermediate / Advanced Clawhammer Banjo

Instructor: Pam Gadd

Location: To be determined

Price: $144 (this price includes 4 hours of classes each day, lunch each day, and more singing and jamming opportunities)

Age: 10 & up

Difficulty: Intermediate / Advanced (See notes below)

Class size: 12 maximum

Take home:

Students will learn:

  • Instrumental tunes and songs from the old time, bluegrass, country, & gospel repertoire

  • Expanded techniques for melody playing, adding “drop thumb” or “double thumbing”

  • How to use alternate tunings for the banjo and chords in these tunings

  • How to use a capo to play in different keys and accompany singing

  • How to play the banjo when jamming and playing with other musicians

  • Techniques to help make practice at home most effective

Notes: Please bring a five-string banjo that is in good, playable condition. All Singing Bird Music School classes will focus on learning music “by ear” (the listen and repeat method).  It is not necessary for students to know how to read music before they attend the school. Instructors may provide some chord charts, song lyrics, etc. but the reading of formal musical notation will not be taught. Students who have registered for any intermediate / advanced level class will have the option to switch classes if they choose in the afternoon class period on Thursday August 2 and all day on Friday August 3. This is to accommodate musicians who play multiple instruments or want to explore different classes.  This option is only available for those musicians who register for intermediate / advanced level classes.

Prerequisites:  Students should know how to tune the banjo, play the basic clawhammer strum, use several chords and change chords in a song, and have several instrumental tunes or songs they can play from memory.

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